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At the Flying Fligel our menu is always kosher and inspired by Jewish food from both Europe or Ashkenaz as well as Middle Eastern recipes known as Sephard

Our food is either fleishig meat, milchig diary or parve (neither meat or milk but could have eggs or fish)

We also do gluten free and vegan products, most of our breads can be made vegan and our parev food is often vegetarian unless it has fish in it.

In accordance with kosher cooking we do no cook or serve meat and milk together.

Every week we publish an updated menu with our "Hamishe Weekly". 

We always have our staples on the right side of the menu which includes all your favourites bagels, babka, kosher rye, challah, babkini and rugelach.

We have been known to sell out, so please pre-order.

We're proud to pour Raglan filter coffee which we offer for free with any meal.

Check in to see what's cooking 

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