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10 freshly minced responsibly sourced New Zealand fish minced with added matza meal, onions and carrots. These come either gently pan fried or boiled. Either way they are delicious especially with kraine.

Gefilte Fish Fried/Boiled (10)

  • As we're a small business we prefer that you choose the offline payment option at check out.

    What you need to do:

    1. Fill your online shopping basket.
    2. Check out choosing the offline option.
    3. Once you complete your order you'll be sent an email with our bank account details.
    4. We ship orders out after payment.

    Any questions just let us know.


  • This is a pre-order only product. Please pre-order by Wednesday April 17 for collection in store on Monday April 22. There maybe some availabe in store in the lead up for Pesach but we don't guarantee availablity. 

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